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We independently own and operate all our ISP and residential proxies and circuits. We've built our own tech from the ground up.
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Facebook Proxy

Facebook is one of the most popular social media sites that all people throughout the world use on an everyday basis, which is why having restricted access to a Facebook account is an issue that worries many people.

It is a common practice among many companies to restrict access to Facebook social networks for its employees, with the belief that this action would help to increase their productivity. Well, in many cases, it works in the opposite way: our brain needs a change of scenery from time to time, which is why loading the employees with work-related tasks only could actually make them look for distractions even more.

In this article, we will cover how you can use a Facebook proxy server on an everyday basis and why you might need it!


101 on Facebook Proxy

In a normal situation, when no proxy server is used, you access Facebook or any other social media sites with the IP address that your own computer has. That way, you send a request to access particular websites to a remote server, this server analyzes your own IP address and either gives you permission to access websites or not.

And because of that, it is easy for other people to block you from accessing Facebook or any other websites. In order to solve this problem, a proxy server like ProxyWow would be required: with the help of web proxy sites, another entity is added to the relationship between your computer and a remote server, a proxy.

A proxy server can receive your request to access a Facebook page or any other website, hide your own IP address, and create another one that will be sent to the remote server. That way, an encrypted connection is created, and it looks like you are trying to access Facebook from another location, which is why the remote server can unblock Facebook for you! What is more, it will also allow you to protect your IP address and hide your internet actions from any third parties, your supervisor included!


Proxy Types

Now that you know how Facebook proxies work, you can learn about different types of them and decide which one suits your needs the best:


Shared Facebook Proxies

Shared proxies are available to anyone and for free, which is why you can find lots of them simply by making a search query in Google Chrome or any other browser. And although installing a free Facebook proxy might be enticing, it has its own disadvantages.

As these are public proxy servers, there is not much security provided to users. Yes, they still allow you to unblock Facebook, but they will also keep your private data, such as your login and password, on public servers that almost anyone can easily hack. Hence, you run a risk of losing access to your Facebook accounts, which can contain some private information as well. Who knows what those hackers can do with that? Some of them might even use it to steal your identity and access to credit cards.

What is more, it has become extremely hard to find a free proxy server that actually works, which is why you will probably spend enormous amounts of time trying to find such free proxy lists.


Semi-Dedicated Proxies

Semi-dedicated proxy settings are better options than shared ones, but still not the best proxy server choice. They still share the same IP, but not with as many users. In comparison with shared proxy settings, semi-dedicated ones allow only three people to use the same location simultaneously, which means that your personal information would have much better protection.

Such proxy sites are a secure choice for browsing the web, but they are still not good enough for Facebook access. As you would need to log in in order to get access to your account, a problem will arise if all three of you are trying to connect at the same time, and your shared IP address will be blocked. And as you do not know these people, there is no way to double-check that no one else is trying to connect to Facebook.


Private Proxies

Private proxy settings are the perfect ones for those of you who would use them to access Facebook accounts: you will be the only one using them, which means that your personal data, such as private messages with friends in your Facebook account, could not be accessed by any third parties. What is more, private proxy server input is processed much faster, allowing you to do the things that you need in a smaller time period, which is something that might be pretty important for office workers.

In addition, as you will be the only one using a proxy to browse Facebook or any other social media platforms, you could also customize it to your particular needs, a function that might be crucial in case your company has placed extremely complicated restrictions on its web address.

ProxyWow is the perfect choice of a private proxy service that you can choose and use to access a particular social networks site such as Facebook or any other!


Why ProxyWow?

Before you jump into your desktop browser and start searching for proxies, you might want to learn about ProxyWow a little bit more, as it could be that this particular Facebook proxy is exactly what you are looking for.

Here are some reasons why ProxyWow is a great choice for you to access the Facebook app anywhere with an internet connection only:

  1. Has a great variety of pricing tariffs that you could choose based on your needs. We can even provide you with custom proxies that have more than 1000+ IP addresses available to you. Entrepreneurs might want such an option so that they could create multiple accounts on any social media platform, Facebook included, and manage their business better;
  2. Provides you with fast web traffic, therefore allowing you to spend a smaller amount of your precious time on the tasks that you need to do;
  3. Has great security of your data so that no one can access it without your permission;
  4. Uses residential proxies only. Although data center proxies might be bigger in quantity, their quality is not as good as residential proxies, which is why you can rest assured that your multiple Facebook accounts will not be Facebook blocked.