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We independently own and operate all our ISP and residential proxies and circuits. We've built our own tech from the ground up.
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Reddit Proxy

Reddit is a widely used platform with users from all over the world. The variety of content posted by the service allows people to do anything, from enjoying funny memes to getting more info on the topics they are interested in.

The platform is free to use and available in most countries, meaning you do not need any VPN services to use it. However, if you are doing some market research or simply want to promote your subreddit, Reddit proxies should be considered.

Want to learn more about Reddit proxy services, what they do, and how they can be beneficial to your own posts? Keep on reading and find out more interesting details.

Understanding Reddit Proxies

A proxy server for Reddit allows users to get connected to a new IP address when sending any request to the platform. It means that in between your own IP and the Reddit website, there is an intermediary point that changes your IP address to a new one. Such a manipulation allows you to avoid Reddit blocks and do some account management without any threats of your account getting suspended.

Types of Proxies for Reddit Users

There are several proxy types that can be used for you to connect with Reddit. While other social media sites might get too strict with bots and other mass activities, Reddit is actually quite open for anyone to manage these things. Of course, there are still some limitations, and to avoid them, you should be logged in with the right kind of Reddit proxy.

You can choose from one of the following Reddit proxies:

  • Mobile Proxies

Nowadays, the majority of people are browsing the Internet using their mobile phones. Therefore, having a mobile proxy would seem like a wise thing to do, especially if you want to make sure that your account does not get blocked. Web traffic for mobile IPs is rarely restricted by Reddit.

The only problem is that mobile proxies might not allow you to use their full functionality. The success rate of connecting from different IP addresses is high; however, from your phone, you will get only the default features.

  • Residential Proxies

A residential proxy gets you a unique IP address that is associated with some actual device. Residential proxies have low chances of getting blocked, as residential IPs do not provide the same IP for numerous users, unlike data center proxies.

There are also rotating residential proxies, which are even safer if you are doing a lot of actions from one account. On the other hand, coming from a real ISP, static residential IPs are the best if you want to create popular content in a designated location.

  • Datacenter Proxies

Many proxy providers recommend this option for small web scraping and for those who want to unblock Reddit unavailable in their current location. While residential proxies give you access to real IPs, data center IPs are generated by the special service. If you need addresses with great speed and a high level of anonymity, these proxies are the best to go for.

Reddit proxies from ProxyWow are quite easy to use, and they can benefit you a lot. Read further to find out how different types of Reddit proxies can make your experience with the platform even better.

Advantages of Reddit Proxies

Whether you are considering mobile, data center, or residential proxies, all of them have certain beneficial features that would help you to browse through Reddit and other websites more efficiently.

Here are some of the advantages for Internet users with Reddit proxies:

  1. Collect data and scrape the Reddit website or app without getting banned;
  2. Create upvote bots and downvote bots to promote the content you post to the front page;
  3. Make multiple accounts with unique addresses and username options;
  4. Use bot software to log in from several accounts and upvote, comment, or access important data;
  5. Make accounts even in areas where Reddit is restricted.

When it comes to Reddit proxies, there are a lot of useful features that you can unlock. For example, you can launch a bot, or you can simply boost your content engagement to get more popular on the platform. With ProxyWow, you can choose the most convenient option and enjoy the countless possibilities it provides to you as a Reddit user.