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We independently own and operate all our ISP and residential proxies and circuits. We've built our own tech from the ground up.
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Instagram Proxy

With more than a billion users, the Instagram app has grown from a simple way to share photos to a powerful social and marketing tool. Likely, rival businesses are also active on Instagram, so there's a good chance of exposure to a large audience. Using a reliable proxy that allows you to manage more than one account to increase brand recognition and help you with your Instagram growth journey.

In this article, we will discuss why you should consider using a proxy server with your Instagram account and how to find the best Instagram proxy provider. We will also explain why ProxyWow may have the best Instagram proxies for your business.

What is an Instagram proxy?

Proxies make it possible for social media managers to manage multiple accounts from a single device. Instagram proxies are proxy servers designed exclusively for Instagram while keeping you completely anonymous.

When you're connected to a proxy, Instagram will see it as the only IP address. As a result, you may safely use several Instagram accounts to increase your reach and get the job done without worrying about Instagram catching on.

These proxies replace users' real IP addresses with their proxy IPs. So, Instagram will have a harder time locating and blocking your true IP.

Instagram Proxy Benefits

The following are just a few of the many advantages of using proxies for Instagram:

  • Unblocking Instagram

It will help you unblock the Instagram ban in your country. A proxy will be permanently linked to your account, allowing you to avoid geo-restrictions permanently.

  • Multiple Instagram accounts

A proxy for Instagram can be used to work to be connected to your Instagram account permanently. This is great for managing multiple accounts.

  • Using an Instagram bot

Instagram automation and Instagram bots are often supported by Instagram proxies. This enables you to build your company with different IP addresses and automate an Instagram activity without worrying.

  • Speeding Up Loading

To function effectively, proxies and servers need to be very fast. Getting an IP from a reliable proxy seller may speed up and lower the costs of internet surfing.

  • Instagram Marketing

Typically, Instagram proxies work to improve marketing efficiency for companies of all sizes, increase customer engagement by giving them more opportunities to promote the company's products and services, and help with precise location targeting.

How many accounts can I use with the same IP address?

With a single IP address, you can log into as many as five different Instagram accounts. But a lot of activity on several accounts from one IP address could be seen as spam and lead to punishments like temporary limits on activity or account bans.

How many proxies should I use per Instagram account?

Just one proxy is enough for one Instagram account. As you won't be altering your IP, your privacy will be completely protected, especially when you utilize a mobile proxy, which may provide anywhere from five to ten accounts at once.

Proxy Options for Instagram

Here are the most popular types of IG proxies:

  • Residential proxies

Residential proxies for Instagram are affiliated with a real internet service provider in a real location. This lets you act as an organic user living in this place or area with all its benefits.

  • Mobile proxies

Instagram is a mobile app. With a mobile proxy, you can access websites on your mobile device just as if you were using a desktop computer. Mobile proxies eliminate the need for the aggravating pinch-and-zoom action common when using a mobile device to view a webpage.

  • Shared Proxies

A shared proxy is a cheap way for many people to use the same addresses to browse the web anonymously, get around content filters, access geo-blocked content, save money, and do other similar things.

  • Dedicated Proxies (Private Proxies)

A dedicated or private proxy is an address that is assigned to a single user and is used only by that person. Nobody else has access to the same proxy, and nobody else uses it. An SSL private proxy uses SSL encryption to secure its data.

  • Datacenter Proxies

Datacenter proxies are not affiliated with any ISP proxies. It establishes an encrypted connection to the internet, making it secure to visit websites and browse the web.

  • Free Proxies

Proxies demand a lot of time and money from proxy providers. As a consequence, it's harder these days to discover trustworthy, free proxy services. That's why we advise against using them with your Instagram login credentials.

  • Rotating proxies

A rotating proxy sits in between you and the destinations you choose. Every time you submit a request, a new address is given to your computer.

Having a safe Instagram proxy is essential, which is why we don't recommend using a shared or free Instagram proxy. Instead, you can look for a free trial from a reliable provider.

ProxyWow Instagram Proxies: Best Proxy Provider

ProxyWow is a reliable social proxy provider that offers the best proxies on the market. By using ProxyWow, you may unlock the full potential of your Instagram profile. We verified it by doing extensive performance tests.

The following are the benefits of getting a ProxyWow plan:

  1. High-quality: Our proxies are excellent, so Instagram or any other social media channel you choose to use them with won't pick them up.
  2. Wide variety: We offer different types: of rotating, social, mobile, and residential proxies; they all come with unlimited connections.
  3. High-speed: You will have less downtime when switching between accounts and fewer technical problems when publishing and controlling their activity in real time.
  4. Great customer support: If you have any problems or just want more information, our customer service experts are always here to help you.
  5. Affordable Prices: All users can afford the proxies, so if you're looking for rotating residential IPs or any other type and if you wish to buy them for personal, commercial, or professional usage, you can afford them easily.

With ProxyWow, you may access any website from anywhere on the globe. This is particularly helpful when you're traveling or trying to visit a website that is prohibited in your nation. Visit our website now and get the best performance and speed for your Instagram needs.